The Turas V2 EDC Bit Driver Moku-Ti Twist #112

The Turas V2 EDC Bit Driver Moku-Ti Twist #112

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The Turas V2 Bit Driver Full Moku-Ti Body w/ Zirconium Bearing Cap

An epic full Chad Nichols Damascus Moku-Ti Twist body than has been CNC machined and hand finished. Featuring Orange Peel recesses and satin polished highlights. Finished with the classic flame heat treat that brings out the gorgeous colors that Moku-Ti is known for. Completed with a contrasting Zirconium Bearing Cap that has been finished in classic Black Oxide.


Fully CNC Machined Solid Moku-Ti Body with Zirconium Bearing Cap.

Holds standard 1/4 bits securely 

Approximately 3.1" long, bearing cap is 1" in diameter and grip is .615" diameter.

1/4 Hex broached in for keeping exact tolerances required.

Designed with ultimate grip in mind for breaking free pesky loc-tite on knife screws.

Bearing has been press installed under the cap. 

Hand Finished, Sanded and Media Blasted then high points polished to a satin finish.

Bit Driver Features magnet recessed in the pocket for retention of magnetic bits.

Proudly Made Right Here In Oregon!

This updated version will fit First Gen Maintenance Trays!

Please note trays, bits or knives shown are not included, just the bit driver.