Enjoy The Journey!

     I stand behind every item I make and sell. I will repair, replace or offer store credit (at my sole discretion) any item that I've made that has a defect or quality control issue at no cost to you. In the event an item can not be repaired or replaced with an equivalent or updated item I will issue a store credit for the full amount originally paid for the item. Any item that you feel is defective must be returned to start this process and I will evaluate how it should be best handled.
Please be aware color matches between batches are not guaranteed. Depending on workloads and scheduling we use several different local companies for aluminum anodizing, so if you purchase a Red tray today and red bit holder next month, expect there to be a slight and sometimes significant color difference. We try to make this evident when naming colors, for example Fire Red is not the same shade as Cranberry Red. Ocean Blue is different than Electric Blue. While I’m happy to accept an item back for store credit due to non-matching as long as it is original and undamaged, I do not have or keep a wait list to replace with another color and will not try to match items you bought from a previous batch, the store credit may be applied towards any future purchase. 
The Turas Bit Drivers and Vortex Bit Holders are designed as tools, first and foremost. The bearing system is intended to facilitate a smooth operation and manipulation of the driver or bit holder as a tool. While they are indeed fun to flip and spin, warranty does not cover length of spin times, speed of spin, or different sounds. Some have a higher pitched sound while spinning while others have a lower pitched sound even when same materials are used. One sound is not more preferable than another, it’s just the way they are. Bearings are guaranteed to run smooth for life, without grittyness or seizing as long as the Turas or Vortex has been properly cared for and not modified. Seizure or failure of the bearing due to environmental conditions such water, rust damage, exposure to dirt or other foreign contamination are not covered by warranty. I reserve the right to void the warranty on any item that has not been properly maintained, (ie. continued use after issue arises and you fail to send it in for repair. Continued use after exposure to contamination in the bearing, you are responsible for minimizing the damage by immediately stopping use and getting it sent back for repairs) warranty may also be voided for customizing or altering the tool, ie re-anodizing, regrind, reshape, swapping bearings, etc
    I am also happy to service or repair items that become damaged from use. In the event your items need service or repair, please contact me and provide a description and if possible pictures of the damage sustained and I will do my best to get an estimate of the repairs promptly for you.
   I will make every reasonable effort to satisfy my clients. I appreciate the opportunity to help you. My goal is to always do the right thing by you so you can always Enjoy the Journey. I reserve the right to update or modify the terms of this guarantee at any time as needed for clarification or adjustment as we grow.