The Turas Bit Driver Titanium Finish Test Prototype #458

The Turas Bit Driver Titanium Finish Test Prototype #458

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The Turas  

This particular prototype is made from Titanium. It was a test piece I used to try out a new technique for finishing that included both media blasting and tumbling session. The brass cap was also a test of some techniques for achieving accelerated patina. It was released during a special Sunday Funday Makers Choice Event.




Fully CNC Machined and then hand finished on a manual lathe.

Holds standard 1/4 bits securely 

Approximately 3.1" long, bearing cap is 1" in diameter and grip is .615" diameter.

1/4 Hex broached in for keeping exact tolerances required.

Designed with ultimate grip in mind for breaking free pesky loc-tite on knife screws.

Bearing has been installed under the cap. 

Hand Finished

Bit Driver Features magnet recessed in the pocket for retention of magnetic bits.

Proudly Made Right Here In Oregon!

This updated version will fit First Gen Maintenance Trays!