The Great Turas Expedition Clue #1

The Great Turas Expedition Clue #1

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The Expedition is beginning….

This package includes, the beginning pieces to help you start this Expedition right. BUT NOT REQUIRED to join the fun.

- Welcome Letter

-The Expedition Clue #1 (Full Clue, not a partial printing like the free clues that were given away in the group!)

-A Hint (not given with the free clues)

-Code for a discount and first access of the next clue when available.

- Truffles, let’s be honest, those candies are half the reason anyone makes an order from JTC to begin with and you are gonna need something to snack on as we explore because who knows if there is a buffet wherever we end up.

So you didn’t get lucky enough to be selected for the expedition at the onset? Well you are in luck, there are still a few spots available to those who wish to join. Why the cost to join an Expedition in which you are volunteering your services? Let’s face it, there are costs associated with an expedition like this, all the materials and correspondence through the mail isn’t cheap. Let’s not forget the advantage. Those who chip in to help cover the costs of this expedition will be given an additional advantage, think of it as VIP seating on a voyage… But you don’t get to just relax, this isn’t a cruise ship. We expect our crew to chip in the entire way.

So just to be perfectly honest, if this goes the way I intend it to, you really don’t need these pieces. You should be able to join right along with the expedition as it unfolds in our Facebook group and Instagram and by networking with those that already have secured clues. But for those that want to have your own set of clues to work with, and help contribute to offset the costs of running the Expedition, your support is appreciated and the funds will be put into more rewards and hopefully enhance the experience of everyone. 

No free tools or guarantee of a prize in the end is promised. This is intended to be a fun community event to enjoy together. And with a little skill and a little luck some fun prizes and cool edc gear along the way.